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Prairie Fusion Arts & Entertainment is offering Gallery Tours for School Groups of all ages. This is a excellent opportunity for students and faculty to see a variety of art forms from Regional Artists and is a great addition the the current Arts curriculum. Students will be fully engaged learning the artistic process of how each piece was made and will be encouraged to interact with the Artist or Docent. Tours are available Tuesday through Friday. Bookings are accepted a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the tour. Donations to the Gallery are welcome. Contact Prairie Fusion Arts & Entertainment at 204-239-6029 or email to book your tour today!


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August 15 to September 7

Ribbon Skirt Project

ArtsSmarts Project 
by Women of Motherearth Network



Exhibition Sponsor:

August 13 to September 21, 2019

Multi-Grains of Energy

Naomi Gerrard

Opening Reception and Artist Talk:

Thursday, August 15, at 7:00 p.m.

Exhibition Statement...

In this project I have been exploring the energy of

the prairies by incorporating the grains grown in the

prairies into my art. I have been working on this idea

for a number of years and call it Multigrains of Energy.

I am inspired by the potential surging life of the individual

grains planted annually in our prairies. Each individual

grain has its own inherent personality, range of colours,

shape and beauty. These grains collectively change the

vast landscape of our prairies annually from the planting

season to the harvest season. They spread energy, hope

and beauty as they develop into nourishing food for us

all. I incorporate these grains in my mixed media art

works using many different grains that are grown in our

prairies including canola, flax. wheat, oats, buckwheat,

sunflower seeds, rye, alfalfa, clover, mustard seeds and

many more. I feel a connection to our prairies and am

inspired by its surging life.

There are about 50 of these mixed media works now

touring galleries in rural Manitoba as seen in my

exhibitions resume. This body of works will have toured

9 galleries in 3 years and I am hoping they will continue

to tour beyond Manitoba galleries.

Thank you,

Naomi Gerrard


August 15 to September 25

Mike Spencer’s Recent Works

Raku fired ceramics